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how to polish selenite

0 votes

I've some selenite that is rough. How are the ones in the stores made to be polished?

asked Apr 4, 2015 by PansGirlTink (120 points)

2 Answers

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They have special lapidary-grade polishing tools for this. Selenite is very soft so it polishes easily, though its cleavage and sectility need to be taken into account.

answered Apr 6, 2015 by hershel (52,780 points)
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I found this online - but I caution you to read his disclaimer and judge for yourself whether or not you want to risk it with your specimen.

"Just a tip about polishing Selenite"

Posted by Bri Dragonne  




I had a cleaved section of Selenite with Copper dendrite inclusions that I needed to polish recently so I could show the inclusions.

Please, do NOT use this technique on your fave specimen! It worked for me but I take no responsibility, etc etc. :)

The section had been cleaved and was shiny at one time, but over various handlings, it had become rather scratched.

So, several compounds and no luck later, I remembered that Selenite dissolves in water...

I then ran hot water from the tap over it (Slowly heating the water so that it didn't get shocked, the specimen I mean) and then cooling the water and flinging the excess off.

I ran the water over it for about 15 minutes and amazingly, there was a super shiny finish with interesting patterns on it.

This is just a tip for if anyone else does a search like 'How to polish Selenite' :)"


(Hope this helps!)

~ Kat ~

answered Mar 5, 2016 by Mourning_Star (720 points)

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