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What Chemical solution is in Nat-Geo's "Precious Rocks Gems and Minerals" Goldleaf Vile?

0 votes

G day, I am collecting National Geographics Precious rocks Gems and Minerals Partworks. In issue 1 we have a Vile of Goldleaf in a Clear Solution. On the bottom of the Vile it states it is Filled with a Chemical called 'Pharmaceutical Propylene Glycol' to keep the Goldleaf Shiney. As far as i have Researched this Chemical is Colorless, Odurless, slightly Viscose and Non-Flamable! Well to my clumsiness i dropped and broke the Vile. To my astonishment i found the liquid Smelling like Alcohol! And It is Flammable, Colorless and is as Viscose as Water! I am Very Concerned and Confused to what is the Accual Chemical in this Product! I have tried to Research this Question, but the only Response i can get is to Contact the Publisher? Im hoping someone on this end is able to help me understand what this Chemical actually is? I don't want the Kids Drinking this Stuff!! Please help as i am Interested in a Scientific Way! Sincerely Daniel.

asked Mar 23, 2015 by Kryptonite (160 points)

2 Answers

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Here is a good site on that, personally i would not worry about it Propylene Glycol is in alot of stuff we eat and some of our Pharmaceuticals.Propylene Glycol

answered Mar 23, 2015 by DJandLIMON111 (380 points)
0 votes

G day there DJandLIMON111, As in the Original Post the problem is the Nat-Geo's Vile is misleading. They state on there label that the Goldleaf Vile contains "Pharmasutical Propylene Glycol". From what I've Researched that Chemical is, Colorless, Odurless (Non-Flamable) and Slightly Viscose. From what i have concluded the Vile Contains Something Else. It is Colorless, but has an Alcoholic Vapor & is (Highly Flammable), and has the Viscosity of Water!! I have emailed [email protected].au, but they will only it is Alcohol (as to what is said in the book). This is Contradicting, The 1st issue Book just say the Goldleaf is submerged in Alcohol to keep it Shiney & The Vile's Sticker says it is "Pharmasutical Propylene Glycol" Someone is Wrong Here? I am Just Wanting to know "What type of Alcohol are they using"?? For Science Value... I know for a Fact that it isn't "Propylene Glycol"!! So i am Hoping that there is a "Learned Chemistry Guru" on this Forum to help me understand what is going on with this Discrepancy??? Hope to hear from Someone soon & Many Thanks to Whom that Does!! Cheer's Daniel...

answered Mar 23, 2015 by Kryptonite (160 points)

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