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Recommended Rock Tumbler?

0 votes

I'm looking for a reliable Rock Tumbler machine that won't break on me, the problem is I don't want one that will cost an arm and a leg. I'm definitely an amateur at this and have tried both kinds they sold at places like Hobby Lobby (Science Tech brand), but the problem is they KEEP breaking/leaking (I've bought several)!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


The brand was called Science Tech and the other was called NSI

Here's a picture of the two I've tried... alt text

alt text

asked Sep 30, 2012 by Mourning_Star (720 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

What brand/model were you using that gave you trouble?

answered Oct 3, 2012 by hershel (52,580 points)

I just told you above, I used "Science Tech" brand and have tried BOTH of the above photo rock tumbles to no result (due to equipment breaking).

0 votes

I have a Lortone one and except for a problem the first week, which they replaced, it has worked great.

answered Mar 5, 2014 by rosiefraz (1,560 points)

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