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what do u know about pederneira, blue-green pocket tourmaline?

0 votes

i have a parcel of Tourmaline from the pederneira mine, minas geiras, brazil, blue-green pocket 2005. i am currently at the gem show in Tucson. what is the value of this particular type of facet-quality tourmaline? there r some inclusions. color ranges from pale blue to deep blue-green. any other info is greatly appreciated. 1st time buyer/seller of tourmaline. this parcel is a 1-time find i understand.

asked Feb 5, 2015 by digger (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Blue To green is a rare combination for tourmaline if the stones transition from one color to the next. I am unsure about the inclusions. We can only give you opinions and those are limited without pictures.

answered Feb 6, 2015 by Weasel (56,220 points)