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Montana Sapphires...I need help.

0 votes

can anyone tell me a little bit more about montana sapphires. I have been doing some at home mining and I am not too sure of what I have. I would like to see if there is anyone who can help me out. I can supply pictures if necessary. Thanks for your time

asked Feb 12, 2012 by Rick Bower (160 points)

4 Answers

0 votes

Definitley post some pictues here so I can see them. Also can you describe where specifically you found them?

answered Feb 12, 2012 by canoefire (380 points)

I am having some trouble loading up the images on this site. if you supply an email I can post the pictures to an email or to a facebook account. The smaller sapphires have come from Gem Mountain and the others came from a place called Opal Mountain via the Eldorado Bar. Let Me know. Thank you

What is the issue you are having with the images? You can email [email protected] or post them in a site like flickr.com or imgur.com and link to it.

I have posted two little pictures of these stones to [email protected]. If anyone knows anything about montana sapphire and could tell me what they are and possibly worth. I can place carat weight but it may take some time. thanks again

0 votes

Here are the images that Rick sent in. They are a little blurry, but maybe someone out there can help. alt text

alt text

answered Feb 12, 2012 by yohaas (1,030 points)
0 votes

The Stones are from phillipsburg MT. the small ones are from gem mountain and the other larger stones are from the eldorado bar. Most of the stones are crystal clear. The larger stones are clear and some hazy. If anyone can tell me their worth and or what I may or may not have would be great. Thanks Q&A

answered Feb 13, 2012 by Rick Bower (160 points)
0 votes

Those pictures don't really do justice - they are too contrasted. But you can definitely see the transparency and gemminess from the pictures, but you are not able to get a sense of color or size though. Judging on the transparency it's definitely worth taking into an expert to have them appraised.

answered Feb 13, 2012 by canoefire (380 points)

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