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168.6 g of platinum

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I have a piece of platinum ?I'm preaty sure about,but not positively sure! It's a solid piece but has almost honeycomb tiny holes have to see with magnifying glass also. Is sorta flakey an has tiny bits of iron or metal of some sort, but very few, it's so bright shiny grayish to almost white it's also capable of scratching glass easily! It almost looks like it was melted down to this state of shape? It makes me think that it was! Looks pure too, I need to send a Littel sample to somewhere who is honest to tell me if its platinum an how pure it is ? If it is the real deal I know the value of it by the calculation tool !somewhere between $4,500.00 an $10,000+. It could bring a preaty penny! Any suggestions too me would be appreciated !!! Tks joe

asked Nov 5, 2014 by Joe row (300 points)

If anyone could help me with some advise i would be grateful

2 Answers

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alt text

answered Nov 5, 2014 by Joe row (300 points)
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What makes you think its platinum? It certainly doesn't have the proper look. Most platinum that size is alluvial and therefore in waterworn nuggets. Is it found in a platinum-rich deposit? Please give some indications as to its occurrence. Also definitely test its streak and specific gravity. Platinum has an extremely high specific gravity.

answered Nov 7, 2014 by hershel (52,800 points)

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