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is this anything of Intrest

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alt text Found this granite rock with this green stone and Quartz looking band running through it. At first I thought it was just deco granite but at closer inspection the green looking bits arn't made up of a tight structure like granite and instead seem to be brittle and I can see the structure seems to run length ways sort of like a crystal ( I know nothing about rocks except they heavy 😩) How do I post photo? Rock was found in gympie Qld Australia a lot of granite here on mount goomboorian but never seen one like this , on further research is it malachite not ment to b any within couple hundred of ks from here

asked Oct 18, 2014 by Tarrquinn (380 points)

3 Answers

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alt textalt text

answered Oct 18, 2014 by Tarrquinn (380 points)
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Go to the prompt above this textbox for answering your own question that is the second colored one which looks like a TV click thers and it will prompt you to post your picture. Your rock has crystal structure and the white stuff looks like quartz. Can you tell us where you found it, like my backyard in Athens, Georgia?

answered Oct 18, 2014 by Weasel (58,160 points)
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Ok done more research since I've been bombarded with knowledge from u geologists 😒 lol Thanks for moving photo hershel I was looking to delete other post but delete dosnt stand out like dogs balls so once again can I leave to your deft touch 😀 Now bac to rock how about epiodite as a candidate ... For green mineral / crystal it does look very similar , going to take to town to gem stone club see if they can enlighten me tomorrow Now I guess the question is ... Am I hoping its epiodite or is there something similar looking that can make me some $$$$ lol

answered Oct 21, 2014 by Tarrquinn (380 points)

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