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Help with Pigeon Blood Ruby

0 votes

I hope someone can direct me. I found this amazing ruby in a stream deep in the Nantahala National Forest (not a pay to dig site) and I don't know where to go to have it evaluated. It weighs 8.6 carats. It is blood red. Under a black light it fluoresces bright red. It appears to be one solid crystal. Thanks for any help and direction you can provide on who to contact.

alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

asked Oct 3, 2014 by Sopchoppy7 (160 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

WOW....first off that is a wonderful specimen you have found. i would like to see the color without the UV light if you could be so kind to do so! Also i do indeed have a friend around those parts who would help quite well if not in pricing, then in recommendations to an honest miner who could help. Head to a gem cutting and bead place called Emma's Place In Franklin NC, near the Ruby cinema on 1884 Georgia road and speak to a man named Jack, the gem cutter at that place.

answered Oct 5, 2014 by RichardC (520 points)
0 votes

Hi Richard - I didn't have a UV light on the gemstone, I just shined a flashlight on it to show the color. I will take a couple of pictures tonight after I leave work, without the extra light and post them. I will look Jack up the next time I go to NC - which should be later this month. Thanks for the info!

answered Oct 5, 2014 by Sopchoppy7 (160 points)

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