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What is a Mexican Matrix Yellow Opal?

0 votes

Hello, I've emailed one of you who responded to me personally to a previous question, but haven't gotten a response. Perhaps you'd rather respond through the forum so more people can be educated so as not repeat my stupid blunders on eBay. God knows, it'd make my husband happy. Currently, there's a pendant I'm lusting after in the $10 - $50 range called a Mexican Matrix Yellow Opal. It's in that crappy 925 silver, but I don't care. I'm trying to find one to bid on that isn't a solid color, but has "chunks" of yellow in its composition. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm wondering what the heck the darned thing really is? I keep thinking about those bugs I'd make when I was a kid with the plastic goo in the metal shapes in the heating element. Is it like that kind of fake? Or, is it a real stone with the misnomer of "opal?" Thanks!

asked Sep 29, 2014 by Ellen (140 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

There are some common names used to describe certain varieties of opal, but "Mexican Matrix Yellow Opal" isn't one of them. That doesn't mean its fake though, but whenever odd description names are used one should exercise caution. Can you please post some pictures?

answered Oct 1, 2014 by hershel (52,800 points)