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pure silver hard or soft

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To whom it may concern

I have a general inquiry and I do hope that you can help me with it.

I have with me two specimens of silver rods one from the US via Elixa. the other from Germany via Saxonia.

The US rods 99.99% pure Diameter 2mm. 7" long and are soft = (easily bendable by hand as if it it were soldering iron )

The German rods 99.99% pure Diameter 2.49-2,51 mm 2" long Tensile strength 359-372N/mm2 extremely hard = (totally UN-bendable by hand is if it were steel)

Both being of similar diameter @ 0.49-51mm greater with the German specimens and both claiming to be 99.99% pure with lab analysis test sheets.

Which one is the real deal?

I have read that pure silver if harder than gold ( I guess that's pure gold) however I am not confident to ingest something that could potentially harm me say one specimen was cut with nickle for example.

Both companies are extremely reputable.

I am pleading for someone to point me in the right direction.

Much thanks and gratitude


asked Aug 14, 2014 by val (140 points)

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