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I have a very heavy rock with a smooth black crystal pattern on one side. The other sides are somewhat smooth, but do not display crystalization. The side opposite of the smooth crystals is vey rough with the appearance of sharp edges. It is magnetic, but magnatite, doesn't quite match. I have pictures, but they dont do it justice. Any help, preferbly someone I can take it too. thanks.

asked May 10, 2012 by steve (160 points)

4 Answers

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What I meant to say is that a magnet sticks to it, but it is not magnetic. Sorry, hope to hear from someone.

answered May 10, 2012 by steve (160 points)
0 votes

An image emailed in by the poster.

alt text

answered May 11, 2012 by yohaas (1,030 points)
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Perhaps it is a polished iron meteorite, which has magnetic attraction, and has those patterns revealed on sliced edges. Where did you get it from?

answered May 11, 2012 by hershel (52,800 points)
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from the looks it seems to be a meorite which mannents do stick too.its worth a ton of money..seareiously.u should have a geo physist look at it..where did u find it & u should go look for more.take a magnet with you too.metorites are worh money By the size of the 1 u have its worth alot.. & by the triangles on it only metories have..

answered May 17, 2012 by george (140 points)

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