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pezzottaite gemstone

0 votes

I recently purchaesed a gemstone that was to be red beryl bixbite. Pezzottaite is the stone i received. How valuable would an included .86ctw oval 4x6mm stone be? i barely had the money to purchase and really cannot afford appraisal. is it over 60$? im so disappointed. or should i be? im not sure anything about this stone. except that it is very beautiful, but included. Like what an emerald would be normally. im so unsure. I hate to have paid a big price for something thats worth a few dollars vs. sumthing worth hundreds. Please someone help with my dilema. Should i send it back?

asked May 6, 2012 by Eva Shelton (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

True authentic red beryl from utah is very rare and valuable, and good gemstones will fetch thousands of dollars per carat. Pezzoatite, while rare and exotic and valuable, is much less valuable than authentic red beryl. Its hard to give an appraisal on a gemstone without seeing it, since there are many other factors besides for carat size like color, flaws, luster, etc, so a jeweler would really need to inspect it to determine for certain.

answered May 8, 2012 by hershel (49,750 points)

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