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Can you help identify this type of stone?

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This stone was found in an area of Germany where there are many glacial stones scattered across the landscape. This one was different, however, because it has what I would call "filaments" inside. You can see them throughout, and there is a visible center full of them.

I have several others all from the same area as well, and they greatly vary in appearance. A few have natural holes in them, are pocked, clearly are glacial stones or some that also look like amber.

Thanks! alt text

asked Jun 4, 2014 by obofob (200 points)

5 Answers

0 votes

Looks like something in the chalcedony family. Any way you can test its hardness? Does it scratch a piece of glass?

answered Jun 6, 2014 by hershel (52,800 points)
0 votes

In that case its likely chalcedony. Do you have a piece of quartz you can also use to test for hardness? If yes, can you see if it can scratch a piece of quartz?

answered Jun 9, 2014 by hershel (52,800 points)
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alt textYes, it also scratches quartz. I found much smaller similar ones in the same area, but not with this amount of "filaments." The initial stone I spoke of in this thread is the one on the lower left top.

answered Jun 9, 2014 by obofob (200 points)
0 votes

If it scratches quartz than it is almost certainly chalcedony.

answered Jun 10, 2014 by hershel (52,800 points)
0 votes

Thank you both for your help!

answered Jun 13, 2014 by obofob (200 points)