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why is there so many kinds of Quartz? I do not understand.

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I just do not know why there is so many kinds of quartz

I have a lot of the quartz family.

Amethyst x1

Rose Quartz (I'm not sure if rose quartz is a part of the quartz family) x2

Aventurine x1

Quartz x2

Red jasper (I'm not sure if red jasper is a part of the quartz family) x1

Total: 9 Quartz

Just explain it to me and that's all.



Thank you.

Nathan Thor Lin

asked Jun 6 by Hardness-of-interest (650 points)
edited Jun 8 by Hardness-of-interest

2 Answers

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It is from the class of rock most prevalent on earth. Quartz is just one way. The silicates are multiple and variable. Chert, agate, jasper, onyx, agate are all silicates and many of the hardest gems are silicates. Look at any beach anywhere. The sand is most likely ground silicate by weather, water, sun and time. The quartz forms under varying conditions from the same substance (SiO2).  for one set of circumstances, the silicone dioxide forms shirt and under another it forms quarts. Sometimes, The courts forms a different type of courts because other trace elements are present. Amethyst are formed  Buy one such set of circumstances. Sometimes if titanium or chromium  or beryllium our present then you have the formation of sapphire or ruby or Emerald. They only form where the trace elements and the proper pressure and temperatures are present.

answered Jun 10 by Weasel (58,980 points)
selected Jun 11 by Hardness-of-interest
I am very excited for the very first answer in my question.

Nathan Thor Lin
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answered Sep 30 by pathak2004 (250 points)
The construction of this gem or mineral is from silicate and oxygen and the atom of oxygen has8 electron and easily to contribute with any trace of any element so it got all that varieties and Silicate is the most mineral that avalible into earth crust .