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Is amethyst really a gem or mineral

+2 votes
I do not really know if amethyst is a gem or a mineral.

Maybe both? I checked minerals and gemstones and amethyst is in each one.

So that is why I asked.
asked Jun 5 by Hardness-of-interest (680 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
All gems are minerals. All minerals are not gems. Due to the hardness and appearance of certain minerals, they are considered gems, valuable because of their appearance, their rarity and other traits. Many people ascribe powers to crystals. Over the years, some have become more valued than others.
answered Jun 10 by Weasel (58,980 points) 1 flag
Depending by their specifications , especially when it is coming to fixing-gems into jewelry for sure you will chose the hard one " good one " despite their looking like or color or anything else   . All gems are minerals , coz we polish it and it was that mineral cutted to be fixed into ornaments . But not all minerals are gems , like diamond it is pure carbon and graphite is also pure carbon but the only difference into crystal composition and their specification , diamond the hardest mineral and graphite is the most loose one,

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