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Identifying Gemstones?

0 votes

Does anyone know how I can identify some gemstones correctly?

I have about 20 and a few people have said that to be 100% accurate, I will have to go to a lab and get them chemically tested. What are your thoughts?

asked Feb 8, 2014 by Gemstone_Gurl_xx (200 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Are these faceted stones that you want to identify? Or gem rough? Both would need the services of a gemologist, who uses visual (microscope) and non-destructive means of testing like specific gravity. If these are gems you bought in a parcel from a TV show then the cost would be more than the stones were actually worth. I have a friend who is a trained gemologist, and he has to deal with the TV show gem parcels all the time at our show.

answered Feb 12, 2014 by stonesinger (720 points)

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