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Help Identify This Stone?

0 votes

I purchased a pendant but can't identify the stone. The person selling it thought perhaps turquoise, but I haven't found anything like it. It is a creamy color and has a hint of green with brown veins. Help? Thanx! The photo link doesn't seem to be working.

asked Jan 11, 2014 by crstelranch (160 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

Please describe what type of trouble you are having uploading the photo so that someone can help you.

answered Jan 14, 2014 by hershel (52,780 points)
0 votes

when I click on the photo button a box pops up with a spot for a URL or to upload an image.

There is no URL as the pic is not from a website, so I click on the X in that box to close it. Then I hit browse in the upload image box, select the photo from my file and click open. It takes me back to the original pop up but everything is still blank.

Just tried to award points to person asking for a description of the problem and that keeps saying I've awarded Zero points. My computer??

answered Jan 14, 2014 by crstelranch (160 points)

Sorry that you have having trouble uploading, we'll look into the error. If you send the images to [email protected] I'll be happy to add them to the post.

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