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Please help me identify this stone found near fossil area.

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Years ago I found this green chunk of crystal like material. I've been using it as a paperweight all these years. It measures approximately three inches by two inches.

alt text alt text alt text alt text

asked Dec 27, 2013 by madskit (200 points)

6 Answers

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Please post some pictures so we can take a look at it, and describe details on the locality. Thanks.

answered Dec 30, 2013 by hershel (52,820 points)
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I live in the central part of the San Joaquin Valley of California. Just north of my location there have been fossils found of many large prehistoric creatures. A center has opened called the Chowchilla (Madera County) Fossil Discovery Center. The location at which I found this specimen was in somewhat sandy soil that had been excavated for housing, roads, etc.

answered Dec 31, 2013 by madskit (200 points)
0 votes

Are you sure its not glass

answered Jan 3, 2014 by jacko (1,060 points)
0 votes

Definitely looks like glass. The strong conchoidal fracture and amorphous rounded form is almost a dead giveaway.

answered Jan 3, 2014 by hershel (52,820 points)
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Wasn't sure this one went through. Looks like the product of a volcanic eruption, which might have also caused an extinction and lots of fossils. Search out some Helenite which was found after Mt St Helens eruption.

answered Jan 3, 2014 by EmotionHybrids (360 points)
0 votes

Dear Members,

Thanks for all of your answers. I stopped in to a jeweler today and he says it's just glass. Don't know why a chunk of green glass was there, but I guess the mystery is solved.

answered Jan 4, 2014 by madskit (200 points)

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