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Can someone identify this? I’m afraid to touch it again.

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I got a box full of minerals gifted to me from a local guy. I’m stuck now with two specimens I found and even spent a while on them for polish/cleaning. But that has changed now after i discovered the following details:

asked Oct 12, 2019 by Lemurian (950 points)

1 Answer

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Note: I first thought it was some kind of opal since it has a play of color in it. But it’s a real different stone. Still weird how such a radioactive gem is having opal-like fire when at the right angles. It counts over 3,4 micro sieverts an hour (that’s the current peak I’ve measured. Both alpha, beta, and gamma radiation is present. On the picture the numbers are also measured in miscro sieverts / hour)
answered Oct 12, 2019 by Lemurian (950 points)