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Does Galena leave black on your hands?

0 votes
Hi there! I have a mineral that I strongly believe to be galena, as it is pretty distinguishable due to its surprisingly heavy weight. However, after handling it always leaves black smudges on my hands, similar to what graphite would do. I do not believe it to be graphite because of the noticeable weight, but I’ve never heard of galena leaving black on hands. What do y’all think?
asked Aug 16, 2019 by linkisnotzelda (5,370 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
It is not the only mineral that will.
answered Aug 18, 2019 by Weasel (58,850 points)
0 votes
Yes, I have seen certain specimens of galena leave minor black staining on the hands when handled.
answered Jan 1 by hershel (52,780 points)