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Could you Help identify this rock or mineral?

0 votes

I found this rock or mineral on a beach in Somalia and I was wondering if you could identify it for me

asked Jul 20 by MohamedAli (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
So, where did you find it? Does light shine through it when you back light it. Is it smooth or rough. To me it looks like weathered quartz. The rock may have some staining from trace elements. If it was found near water, that would explain the weathering. As a matter of the back lighting, that will tell you if the rock is translucent. I suspect it will light up if you hold it in front of a light source. You may be able to see inclusions, cracks and such which you cannot see without the light.
answered Jul 22 by Weasel (58,160 points)

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