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Does raw gold look like dirt?

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 I have set up a homemade sluce with which to run some very promising dirt through. At the very end I have a collection trough. I have accumulated quite a bit of what i assume to be gold, but I am not very confident in this deduction because it looks pretty much like shiny dirt, but i cant seem to be able to separate the flakes from the finer "gold" particles. If it sets in any container for any amount of time it is truly difficult to get it out, yet when it is dry, it looks just like dirt. Granted, however, it is so fine that when I handle it it is like handling talcum powder, only finer. I have zero funds for any sort of confirming method, thus i was hopping to get any feed-back that might help. I may be able to post some pictures if possible. PLEASE SOMEONE ASSIST ME IN THE DETERMINATION OF THIS OBSESSION!!!!! Also, i have been finding that a majority of the rocks that i collected with this dirt are turning green. Anywhere from a light green to a dark almost black green. What significance does this have? thank you for your time and patience.
asked Nov 8, 2013 by roywcaouette hotmail (120 points)

1 Answer

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Gold doesn't tarnish and unless its totally mixed with dirt you should be able to see it. Does it feel extremely heavy? That would be an indicator of gold present as gold has a very high density and is very heavy for its mass. Also the surrounding geology would be helpful in determining the material. Is it is in a gold-producing region such as the Sierra Nevada's in a placer deposit in a stream? Were any larger gold nuggets found in the area? These are all things worth considering.

answered Nov 12, 2013 by hershel (52,620 points)