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Natural trigons

0 votes

Are these natural trigons are related to quartz or diamond?

asked Jan 8, 2019 by Pride (1,110 points)
edited Jan 24, 2019 by Pride

2 Answers

0 votes
Nice pictures, is this an actual diamond or another trigonal crystal?
answered Jan 8, 2019 by Weasel (58,800 points)
My previous post with the crystal with striations on it.  The same one,  still unidentified. In the first pic the truncated trigons or round triangles indicates diamond or quartz?
Just uploaded the pic that's the one I'm talking about.ignore the blue stains as there was a blue stand stood next to it when taking a pic.
0 votes
To me, it looks like diamond, all the other pictures of trigons i've seen would similar enough. Also, it would not imply a conchoidal fracture considering how lined up they are. In my opinion, diamond.
answered Jan 10, 2019 by linkisnotzelda (5,370 points)
Any more suggestions or guess