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Please help me identify

0 votes

Was sold to me a miconite, I don't think there is a stone by that name,  They are beautiful and have flecks like fish scales.

asked Oct 30 by babsie2of5 (180 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Your stones have been polished. It is very hard to identify polished stones, the process removes identifying criteria.
answered Nov 2 by Weasel (55,690 points)
0 votes
I have seen a miconite stone on esty, which looked like labradorite. Miconite is a mineral, but whether these stones are miconite or not is hard to tell. Where did you buy them, and how reliable is the seller?
answered Nov 5 by linkisnotzelda (4,960 points)
Also, could it be actually micronite or micanite? I just ran a quick google search and those also came up.
0 votes
After doing more research I think it is Larvikite.
Thanks for the answers.
answered Nov 8 by babsie2of5 (180 points)