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Please identify this crystal

0 votes


This crystal has a very good shiny surface, can see cracks and bruises (I think there might be strong blow), hardness is about 9 and the S. G is 2.70. Indian origin. 

asked Oct 10 by Gopillm (830 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
My best guess would be corundum, considering the flourescence and the hardness. Corundum is the mineral that ruby and sapphire is composed of, it is found in India, and it can be flourescent. A very beautiful specimen, likely worth a lot of money. What a cool piece!
answered Oct 10 by linkisnotzelda (4,090 points)
But the specific gravity explains as quartz
0 votes
Quartz7.0, chalcedony 7.0, corundum 9.0chrysoberyl 8.5 Mohs scale values.
answered Oct 10 by Weasel (54,490 points)
So which one would fit in this
I understand your point about the specific gravity, but I think most of the evidence points to corundum.