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Identify this rock?

0 votes

Can anyone please tell me what this rock is

asked Sep 24 by Heynup (120 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
this looks like chalcedony
answered Sep 26 by Weasel (54,570 points)
0 votes
Chalcedony or agate is my best guess. Where did you find it?
answered Sep 26 by linkisnotzelda (4,150 points)
It was found in Julian California
Hmm... Is it translucent?
0 votes
I do believe we cannot rule out obsidian.
answered Sep 28 by Weasel (54,570 points)
It's too lightly colored and too transparent to be obsidian. Most likely a type of chalcedony, though the photo quality is poor and it's hard to tell because of that.

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