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What is a good geological hammer to crack open rocks?

0 votes
What is a good geological hammer to crack open rocks? I bought a pick, but it said it would splinter if struck against rock so I returned it. What should I buy?
asked Sep 20 by linkisnotzelda (4,150 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Every rock store has a good rock hammer. There are features to like about each. Small light ones for chipping specimens out of host rock with accurate blows. They will normally be smaller then a regular framing hammer with a pick end and an opposing mallet end for smashing rock. Type rock hammer into your browser.

Eastwing hammers have lifetime guarantees, so if you ruin it even by misuse you can take it anywhere they sell them and get a new one. One end is spiked the other flat.
answered Sep 21 by Weasel (54,570 points)
I'm thinking about getting a crack hammer and chisel set from estwing, so I can do both large and small jobs and hit two birds with one stone. I was just curious to what others thought. I don't want a hammer to break and shoot metal splinters into my arm, so I wanted to double check. Thanks!
0 votes
A rock pick is generally good to trim large pieces and break off sections. The best thing to smash large rocks and break them open is a sledge hammer. And to do smaller trims and break away excess matrix, a chisel and hammer works best.
answered 2 days ago by hershel (51,300 points)