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What is this black rock?

0 votes

I found this in Lithuania, Klaipeda beach in a chill day.

asked Sep 12, 2018 by zZap (120 points)

4 Answers

0 votes
Metal ore, maybe nickel. A pawn shop or jeweler or even a lapidary at a rock shop can tell you more accurately. They mine a bunch of metal there.

I would say the outer rock is basalt.
answered Sep 16, 2018 by Weasel (58,940 points)
0 votes
It looks a little bit to structured to be obsidian. Is it magnetic?
answered Sep 18, 2018 by linkisnotzelda (5,390 points)
0 votes
Can you post some more close-up photos? And any way to test the streak?
answered Oct 17, 2018 by hershel (52,800 points)
0 votes
I don't know much about stones, but it seems to me that this is still obsidian. Although I am not sure about this 100%. It would be very interesting to know if this is obsidian ...
answered Jul 29, 2019 by BrennaFullen (140 points)

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