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Help me identify this stone please!

+1 vote

I was beachcombing on lake michigan this weekend and found this translucent (around the edges) glittery pink stone. It's bigger than a dollar coin - maybe 3inx3in? the white throughout sparkles like crazy in the sun. It just felt special. any ideas? sunstone? opal? agate? quartz? thanks!

asked Aug 13, 2018 by chicagojazz6 (170 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Wow, what a cool find! My best guess as to what it would be is opal (because of the sparkles) or chalcedony based on the texture. Sunstone is normally found in oregon, and this doesn't look like sunstone (I'm an oregonian, I know these thing!!!). The next thing you could try is a hardness test...  Let me know if you have any other information.
answered Aug 14, 2018 by linkisnotzelda (5,390 points)
Update: I showed my phone flashlight directly thru and the entire dtinenis translucent! Crazy!