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any idea what it is and what would it be valued at?

+1 vote

asked Jul 23, 2018 by sha256 (130 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Schorl which is black tourmaline and what looks like quartz
answered Jul 27, 2018 by Weasel (58,940 points)
0 votes
Where was this found? Some quartz for sure, but the black mineral is a bit harder to tell. Is it magnetic? Anyway, probably about $40-60  because of the well formed crystals.
answered Aug 3, 2018 by linkisnotzelda (5,390 points)
@linkisnotzelda, I think the specimen is worth a lot less. unless there is rarer material in there that has not been identified. The crystal don't look that well-formed to me. Also @sha256 didn't post any dimensions or locality information, which are both very important cost-value factors.