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What kind of mineral is this?

0 votes

This is the mineral cluster itself


and i don`t know what mineral is this(those little cubic) :

And  from this one :

i don`t know what this is:(kinda like a wall)

asked Jul 17 by Alexxander98 (120 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Where did you find it?
answered Jul 19 by linkisnotzelda (2,180 points)
0 votes

They all kinda look like calcite but i could be wrong

answered 3 days ago by CottonCandyEas (160 points)
0 votes
To me, they look like zeolite mineral clusters, a group of minerals formed within basalt. It's a really cool find, and there is likely more than one kind of mineral with a similar composition, which is common for zeolites. Where did you get it/find it?
answered 8 hours ago by linkisnotzelda (2,180 points)

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