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This was passed down from my grandmother, is it a ruby?

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I have zero information about this ring other than it was passed on to me when my grandma passed away. I don't remember her ever wearing it but I am unsure what kind of stone it is. Someone I spoke to said it was a ruby? 

asked Jul 12 by lexi413 (140 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote
There will always be a question until you have it tested by a jeweler. Any jeweler will tell you. I hope it is. The setting may tell you more, if it is gold it will be marked, there may even be a hallmark on it from the jeweler that made it. An experienced jeweler will tell you about the cut. It looks like an older cut, maybe even european.
answered Jul 12 by Weasel (52,110 points)
Thanks. I will probably take it to a jeweler then. Wasn't sure if it was too pink to be considered a ruby, but I also know nothing about gemstones! The band says "14K" and has an interesting design on it. My family believes it may have been passed down to her by her mother who is from Armenia.
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Really, It looked awesome and attractive. You should check it by a jeweller.

answered Jul 13 by addisonsophia (140 points)
+1 vote
The hallmark should also be pretty standard to identify for the jeweler. They will test the stone, every store has one, the testers are only a hundred dollars. The violet hue to your ruby was misleading to me but the first site I opened looking for ruby cuts had one exactly the same shade. Generally rubies that are a deep crimson color are worth more but that does not preclude the stone from being ruby. I really like the cut of that the ruby.
answered Jul 13 by Weasel (52,110 points)
0 votes

Hello.  can you help me with my homework ? I need to write article about jewelry. What can you tell about your ring with a ruby? Tnx

answered 6 days ago by RodneyCDunson (140 points)