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Ellensburg Blue?

0 votes

Hello all, I recently purchased a large portion of a long-time rock hound's collection here in Washington State and this was among the stones.  He said he had gotten it many years ago and called it Ellensburg Agate.  Is there any way to distinguish them from other blue agates?  I'm certainly no rock expert, but this blue is hypnotizing, especially with all the pink flares in the sun.  From what google has told me everyone seems to want their stones to be Ellensburg Agates, but I would just like to know what it is either way.  Anyway, any direction on what this is would be great and appreciated!  Thanks in advance.


asked Jul 8 by EZOwens (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
It does not have banding like other agates. Let me do some research. it certainly resembles the images I found. Maybe if you took it to a lapidary or a jeweler they could give you a hardness, an appraisal and confirmation. I certainly like the stone. Beautiful color.
answered Jul 10 by Weasel (53,090 points)