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What is this gemstone? please help identify it

0 votes


I've made this piece of jewellery but can't figure out the stone, jade, aventurine,fuchsite?

I'm really stuck and don't want to list incorrectly.

See picture, its green and speckled white. 

Mostly opaque but is translucent when edges backlit.
Any help appreciated. Thanks
asked Jul 7 by thebirdsnest (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Nephrite or jade by the look.
answered Jul 7 by Weasel (53,090 points)
0 votes
Jade. Almost 100% sure. And since nephrite is a form of jade, you would be fine to call it jade.
answered Aug 4 by linkisnotzelda (2,180 points)
Thank you so much for your help!