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Good chance this is platnium

0 votes
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Found this rock that conducts electricity it is not magnetic. When we burned it, it smelled. In the light there are streaks of gold but not that much. It's not as heavy but is dence 2inch long 1 inch wide
asked Jul 4 by Hopeforplatinum (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Assuming it is platinum ore, there is a probability that the gold and platinum could be removed possibly by smalting it at different temperatures. I am not qualified to advise you. There are most likely rock clubs in your city or a lapidary who might know more.
answered Jul 5 by Weasel (55,450 points)
0 votes
Several possibilities of what this may be from the picture. It may be graphite, galena, hematite, molybdenite, hematite, or one of many sulfides. Is it very heavy? Any way to test the streak? And where did you find it?
answered Oct 12 by hershel (51,320 points)

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