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can someone help me identify this stone?

0 votes

found a stone on the beach and wanted to identify its value and name.

asked Jul 3 by Pabloc (120 points)

3 Answers

0 votes
Pabloc, a few suggestions to start. Put a light source behind your rock and see if light passes through it. If it does, then it is translucent. It could be crystalline in nature and it sppears to be. The exciting part for you is it could be emerald. There were sunken galleys which had cargoes of emerald. If it is emerald, when you back light it, it will be green and it will be very hard. You will not be able to scratch the crystal with a metal file or a pocketknife. There are other possibilities. A quick way to find out would be a jeweler or a rock shop which may have a gem tester, and they could tell you.
answered Jul 3 by Weasel (53,090 points)
0 votes

Crystal shape and textured facets show that it's far beta quartz (imperfect hexagonal shape) with an off targeted crystal termination. The stone's brown translucent hue shows it's miles natural smoky quartz. Quartz can be made smoky by Artificial irradiation but this tends to depart the crystal black no longer brown. Essay Writers UK

answered Jul 5 by jordandavidson (140 points)
0 votes
It looks green to me, and though it might exist, I have never seen it before.
answered Jul 5 by Weasel (53,090 points)