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Identify this shiny stone.

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Specific gravity if about 3.45, can easily scratch quartz. It has a shiny surface and is nearly 7 carat. If its precious what could be its value. Just a guess is enough. 

asked Jun 10, 2018 by Pride (960 points)

1 Answer

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impurities, clarity, there are just too many variables to make an evaluation on value. These two charts should help you identify your gems. Anything harder than quartz will scratch quartz, even other quartzes. My guess at this one might be garnet.


answered Jun 18, 2018 by Weasel (55,930 points)
Garnet is certainly not a logical assumption, because its got a metallic luster which is lacking in garnet, and has the wrong crystal shape. Outward appearance would indicate a sulfide such as galena, which would be heavier, perhaps graphite (which is much lower hardness), or perhaps magnetite (usually darker and different crystal forms, but hard.) If you can provide additional information such as its formation and a few more clearer crystals that would be helpful.
Can easily scrath out corborundum stone which is 9.5 hardness (used to sharpen knifes and other steel tools)
The only material that can scratch carborundum is diamond. So it could be black diamond, but I find it difficult to believe that you have a diamond that was not identified when you purchased or received it.
Iam just taking the second opinion of experts, because sometimes the dealers would also lie. It is 6.5 ct dark grey. These type of diamonds with full of impurities worth of anything?

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