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A few more minerals to identify

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Good day.  I posted once before, now I have a few more minerals to identify.  Here it goes:

This one I believe is Staurolite.  It looks like there is a spelling error on the tag.  I am 95% sure it is Staurolite.  Correct?

This second one... The tag looks like it says glaucochroite, but I can't find any pictures that seem to warrant the name.  Unless I am not looking at the right thing?  

Again, this reads amagmite, or amazmite.  Could it be amazonite?  It has a bluish look to it (too bad I can't photograph it well enough to show it).


Are there any tips that I could have to take better pictures?  Should I be taking them outside in natural light?

asked May 23, 2018 by Hickoryduff (150 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Top one could be staurolite.

bottom one is amazonite.

I need to do some looking on the middle one.

Your pictures are good enough. If you can take pictures close enough to show details that do not get obscurred when you try to enlarge them to examine the characteristics you're doing fine. Sorry. I answered this but somehow I didn't post it correctly.
answered Jun 25, 2018 by Weasel (55,930 points)
All three are found.  The middle one, after looking more closely at the tag and the list of minerals on Wikipedia, I found is Glaucophane.

With the Amazonite, they're all found.  I'll dig up the others.  Question like this, but at mineralogy events, is there usually someone there that can identify these things?

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