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Is there a bright yellow crystal or moss that appears within Lepidolite?

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I wasn't able to upload the photo (it has no URL), but I have two lovely stones that I believe are salmon-colored Lepidolite. But they have bright yellow star-like inclusions. Bright as the Brucite crystals you show in the newsletter I received today.

Is there another way I can provide you with a jpeg photo?

Thank you!
asked May 22, 2018 by Miriam (180 points)

3 Answers

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Sorry about the delay... lepidolite often has quartz and or tourmaline crystals as part of its matrix, that could be your yellow.. take a photo with any device you can use with the internet. In the dialogue box you used to post this question, there are two tool bars. The bottom tool bar has seven boxes. Counting from left to right, the sixth box has four icons. Click the first icon of the sixth box, that will give you a drop down with three options The third option will let you upload a photo from your photo library.. Follow the prompts and make sure you hit the save to server button.  If that does not work, I'll try to walk you through it.
answered Jun 4, 2018 by Weasel (58,850 points)
I can't locate the tool bar you mentioned. And is the "dialogue box" the box my question appears in. Sorry. I'm a bit confused.
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Click the question part in the header. A blue box with "ask a question"  will appear in a box below the header. A box pops up ( I referred to it as a dialogue box, because that is where you type your question) with tool bars with BIUSX2X2 in the top tool bar and a Font box starting the lower tool bar. The lower one has seven boxes in it. In the sixth box of the lower tool bar, counting from left to right, there are four icons, the first one looks like a silhouette of a sun and two mountains. Click on that icon and it gives you three options from a drop down menu. The third option allows you to add a picture from your photo library.

answered Jun 5, 2018 by Weasel (58,850 points)
I click on the "Questions" part of the header, and easily see the "ask a question" box - but there are no tool bars, no BIUSX2X2, no Font box. I'm very appreciative for your trying to help, and you are being very explicit - but other than the blue "ask a question" box, nothing you have described shows up.
I'm working on a Mac using OS 10.12.6. Is it possible my software is not displaying what you are describing?

IDEA: I have a FB page: www.facebook.com/Moonbeams.Lilacs.Roses/ I've just posted the photo for you, can you look at it there? And respond on minerals.net
Click on the ask a question box. A box will pop up, that has the tool bars.
I don't have facebook. By the way, you can edit your original post and the same box and options should be available with your original question
Done! Had to do it by answering my own question. Thank you, Weasel, for your patience.
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Here is a photo of the mysterious Lepidolite with Yellow inclusions:

answered Jun 5, 2018 by Mysterious yellow inclusions in Lepidoli
Those stones do not have the appearance of lepidolite. Lepidolite is a mica and is flaky and cannot be cut and polished into a cabochon like the stones you are showing. What criteria are you using for your assertion that the material is lepidolite?
The stones are, indeed, flaky. The "stones" are actually mica - and I also learned are rarely (if ever) cut into pendant stones. The ones above are pillowed on both sides. The yellow areas are lithium crystals. I heard from several gemologists who identified it for me. During further research, I learned that the abundant yellow indicates that they might have been sourced from Brazil – which is known for its Yellow Lepidolite (called Golden Star Muscovite). Yes, muscovite - it is often difficult with some lepidolite mica - to distinguish it from muscovite.
There is a variety of Lepidolite that is infused with Quartz and Albite that is workable for lapidary. Manganese gives lepidolite it’s pinks and purples. If it lacks Manganese it is clear to yellow. Muscovite is common Mica, although the patterns lead me to believe it could be yellow Tourmaline since pink Tourmaline is sometimes found in Lepidolite.

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