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Hello! I need help figuring out what this is please.

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I was looking for rocks down the beach when I noticed something strange barely sticking out of the sand.

Breath test - nothing.

scratch test -can scratch glass and quartz, seems to scratch tile or leaves nothing depending on strength of push.

Seems to repel water

stays cold on tongue :P

when held to light thinner parts light up

pretty darn hard

took a small piece and held under a propane torch on full, it got white hot and ended up turning pure white and it sweat a tiny bead of a silver type metal ( shown in one of the pics if they upload )

held a lighter to a piece for about a minute and dropped it in cold water and nothing happened other than a very quick sizzle.

Thanks for any help!!

light testrepelling water


asked May 16, 2018 by Kylejoe2048 (120 points)

2 Answers

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Onyx, tourmaline, garnet and amethyst are all hard enough to be your culprit. I've seen amethyst so dark it looks black. Garnet can get that way, if it is dark enough. Citrine sold in stores is often heat treated amethyst. Tourmaline and schorl can also be blavk . My guess is a piece of amethyst.
answered May 21, 2018 by Weasel (58,940 points)
0 votes
Without any crystal faces and an almost amorphous look to it, my best best suggestion would be silicafied wood or opal, or some rough type of chalcedony.
answered Oct 9, 2018 by hershel (52,800 points)

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