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Please help to identify is this natural or synthetic yellow citrine?

0 votes

Hi, bought this 12cm x 8cm Yellow Citrine.

  1. Colour is uniform yellow throughout.
  2. The base 'cloud'/'mist' formation has a very unnatural look as if it was cut with a knife forming straight edges on all the six vertical side and the top pointed edges,
  3. The 'cloud'/'mist' vertical sides are roughly 5mm from all the side edges. Not a single side does the 'cloud'/'mist' grows to the edge.

See the straight line angular crop of the 'cloud' near the bottom of the photo.

Another view of the straight line crop of the 'cloud' near the top of the photo.

Bottom of citrine

Clear view of of the straight cut point of the 'cloud'.

Thank you.

asked May 1 by Xcross (140 points)
edited May 3 by Xcross

2 Answers

0 votes
Seems like a stone with inclusions which made it unfit for jewelry grade citrine. The good news is it looks like it is citrine and untreated citrine is rare. The people who sell citrine sometimes heat other rocks (amethyst) to get more dramatic color and they sell that as citrine. Real citrine is rare. It is silicon dioxide which has traces of aluminum and iron in it and when irradiated naturally it turns yellow.
answered May 3 by Weasel (55,650 points)
0 votes
Looks like citrine to me. Those clouded areas are common where the crystal was probably chiseled off of it's host rock.
answered Aug 4 by linkisnotzelda (4,960 points)

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