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Found in Southern Ohio & thought it has to be something...what is this?

0 votes

Bottom View - it's wet from cleaning it offThis is the top

The top photo is the bottom and the other is the top (I assume).  The bottom is mostly flat except for an indentation that is centered and matches to the circular center of the top.  It was found in a creek bed in an area where lots of other small fossils are.  I'm thinking this isn't a fossil, but some sort of rock formation from drips...???  I like it because it just looks odd, but would also like to know what it is.  I do have other photos, if needed.  Thank you.

asked Apr 27 by catgrieves1 (120 points)
edited Apr 27 by catgrieves1

1 Answer

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Shoot dang! It could be a coprolite, which is fossilized dinosaur poop.

I believe however it is most likely a concretion of mud, sand (silica) and other particles which have solidified.

The dripping you imagine would be a stalagmite, I don't think this is one.
answered Apr 28 by Weasel (52,110 points)