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Can anyone help me identify the rock in this picture? Thanks.

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alt text

asked Jul 7, 2013 by rockyrandy (600 points)

3 Answers

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Looks a little like peacock ore

answered Jul 8, 2013 by Jrosner (140 points)
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Yep, Peacock Ore or Kaleidoscope Agate/Jasper. If the minerals in it look like they are a little translucent (as in quartz, amethist) then it could be Kaleidoscope. However is they look like a rainbow all together and shiny without the ability to see through them or diferentiate between the contents that it is probably Peacock Ore. Have you tried grinding or polishing it? The Ore will be a little softer usually but the Kaleidoscope is more like Agate in most places and has an MHOS of around 7, with some soft spots.

answered Jul 8, 2013 by EmotionHybrids (360 points)
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After a better study of the coloration I think the first member was correct. It is Peacock Ore. Look up Bornite or Chalcopyrite on this web site and you will see some examples and other great information.

answered Jul 9, 2013 by EmotionHybrids (360 points)

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