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Fake rutilated quartz

0 votes
How can you identify lab created or heat treated rutilated quartz, aside from being very clear, and the ruthless looking too uniform, and wide?
asked Oct 17, 2017 by Michele (150 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Can you please explain your question in a bit more detail? The end of your question is a bit confusing.
answered Oct 27, 2017 by hershel (47,760 points)
Sorry. autospell typo. The rutiles,looking very clear and uniform. Though I purchase couple off ebay.That looked completely natural, but low price, for perfect stone,polished teardrop,undrilled pendants. And when asked, told heat treated to bring out the color of rutiles.Have also seen "RED" tourmaline included quartz pendants, that looked completely fake,I was told it was tourmalated  quartz,from Brazil Have never seen ,before,ever. So doubt it, these were red/coppery color rutiles
I have never heard of rutlilated quartz being heat treated. The general color of rutile in quartz is yellow, and they are generally in uneven thin needles. I would be suspicious of any rutilated quartz being a color other than yellow as being something else or something not natural, especially on Ebay.

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