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Please help me identify these crystals/minerals/gems!

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I recently purchased these at a gem fair.  The merchant told me that they were Chalcedony, however, when I went online to do a search, I could not find anything like them!  I'm fairly new to the gem world and tried to do my own research.  The only things that I could guess that they could possibly be are Japanese Iridescent Garnet, Andradite Garnet, or Rainbow Garnet.  Any help would be appreciated!

asked Sep 6 by abyancy (130 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
If you can see bubbles it is probably glass. There are many unscrupulous people. Chalcedony will feel like wax, like a piece of agate or chert. It is also very hard. If you can scratch one of those "stones" with a nail file, you will know it isn't garnet or chalcedony or agate. All above 7 on the mohs scale.
answered Sep 12 by Weasel (39,520 points)
Thank you so much for you input, it's greatly appreciated!  I took a close look at the stones and I consulted with a couple of jewelry-makers and they think it may be some sort of heat-treated quartz.  Could that be a possibility?
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Whatever it is, it appears to have an iridescent plastic sheen coating it that is not natural.
answered Oct 27 by hershel (47,460 points)

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