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What is this rock?

0 votes

This rock is heavy and was found in southwest Washington. The outside as you can see is malachite green and the interior (and I hope you can see it) looks like agate material, dark grey mostly but clear, like smokey quartz. It is quite beautiful. Found a whole seam of this material in an abandoned rock quarry.

asked Sep 4 by trishberrong (250 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

Here is a link to chrysocolla. Google it and check the images. You may be able to find one which is similar. Take the sample to a rock shop and they can confirm it. I think malachite and chrysocolla are the best guesses right now.
answered Sep 12 by Weasel (37,800 points)
Thanks Weasel, I did some research and perhaps chrysocolla and chalcedony. Saw several pics that had the green/blue crust with the grayish stone.