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Is this shattuckite?

+1 vote

I think this may be shattuckite with calcite and quartz but I am really not sure at all. The stone may originate from South Africa. It belonged to my uncle who collected minerals around South Africa.

asked Apr 19 by KirstenPacker (140 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Its very possible that its Shattuckite. It has the right color and form.
answered Apr 28 by hershel (46,480 points)
0 votes
Yes.  I have seen this at mineral shows and it looks exactly like the ones I saw that were labeled Shattuckite.  Shattuckite has many shades of blue, as does azurite, but the ones I saw at the show had this look.
answered May 4 by M45crystals (860 points)