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Can anyone plese tell me what these finished stones are; greenish blue with tan and brown through?

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One came from a necklace my mother used to own, and if it has any value at all, I would like to re-make a necklace for her. The other I have in an old belt buckle. Probably pretty easy for pro's, but I have looked everywhere else online and still have no idea what these rocks are. Anyone?

asked Jan 30 by leeleedorn (120 points)

1 Answer

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Will you try to take a light source to your stone and see if light passes through it. That is called translucency. If light shines through the stone it will reveal some knowledge of the crystalline structure. Agate and chalcedony and some quartz will allow light to pass through. Others, too. Slate and chert will not.
answered Feb 1 by Weasel (32,430 points)
It is definately not translucent.