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What kind of rock is this?

0 votes

I found this on the shore of Lake Superior near Duluth Mn. We collect heart shaped rocks and was happy to find this. when I picked it up, I was amazed that it is somewhat of a transparent green.

asked Sep 21, 2016 by Thor (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Maybe olivine
answered Sep 23, 2016 by Weasel (40,320 points)
Olivine is highly unlikely from that area, especially in such form. It does have the appearance of moldavite, but that too is unlikely from that region. I hate to burst a bubble, but it may just be waterworn glass that was formed in that shape from the lake waves. Best way to tell is to try to test its hardness. I hardness of 5.5 would be a dead giveaway.

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