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Citrine and Taurus

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My dob 12 May 1978 Time of birth 06:18 am Place of birth - Alleppey (Kerala)

Kindly let me know if it is ok for me to wear a finger ring with a Citrine gem on it. Is there any harm or is it beneficial as I am a Taurean. Thanks a lot Div

asked Dec 10, 2012 by div (120 points)

It is fine for you. It gerally bring properity and uplifts of the spirit. It bring sunlight into your world.Increase the stone yiu are wearing. There is much more info, if you reseach the" G.I.A books" from the turn of the cemtury,exp,1998. Contact the archives at the G.I.A and I think you will be very pleasedHappy 2013.All the best.

1 Answer

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The minerals.net website provides physical properties of gemstone and we don't have metaphysical knowledge of gemstones. Sorry we are unable to help you.

answered Dec 12, 2012 by hershel (46,480 points)

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